Gambling with Responsibility

Last updated: 16.09.2023

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Responsible Gambling and Self Exclusion

Gambling is meant to be entertainment, fun, and excitement for the majority of our users. However, we acknowledge that gambling can have negative effects for some users. Pathologic gambling has been recognized as a serious sickness in medical science for many years.

Since our inception, we have been addressing this issue and striving to assist. Responsible Gambling involves multiple measures to reduce the possibility of negative side effects and to take action if they do occur.

The most important tools against negative gambling effects are knowledge, education about gambling risks, and supporting users' self-control to prevent negative consequences.

For more information and assistance, you can contact our Support via email:

  • Email:

Additionally, you can take a self-test if you suspect gambling addiction at:

For further information about gambling addictions, visit:

Helpful Hints for Responsible Gambling at

Consider the following tips before gambling to ensure it remains enjoyable and without negative side effects:

  • Set yourself a deposit limit: Gamble with amounts that are affordable and for entertainment purposes.
  • Do not chase losses: Avoid taking excessive risks to recover losses. Gamble for fun, not to make money.
  • Set a time limit: Balance gambling with other activities and set a time limit.
  • Play smart: Avoid playing when stressed, depressed, under pressure, or under the influence of substances.
  • Take breaks: Pause when tired or unable to concentrate.
  • Use only one account: Maintain a single account for better tracking of time and money spent on gambling.

Minor Protection

To use our service, you must be 18 years or older. Keep your login data safe from minors to prevent misuse.

We recommend using filter programs to prevent minors, especially children, from accessing inappropriate content on the internet.

For parents, we recommend internet filters to protect children from unsuitable content:

  • URL:


If you are diagnosed with a gambling addiction or wish to avoid gambling for any reason, we can assist you with self-exclusion from all gambling services. This exclusion cannot be undone for a set period.

To self-exclude, contact our support and specify a time span between 6 months and 5 years:

  • Email:

Please note that self-exclusion is permanent for the set time span and cannot be undone for your protection. During self-exclusion, creating a new account is prohibited, and attempts to do so violate our Terms of Service, resulting in a permanent ban.